Bath & Body Works Just Made It Possible To Smell Like A Middle Schooler Again

Bath Body Works Just Made It Possible Smell Like Middle Schooler Again

There's only two words needed to describe the smell of every middle schooler's room in the '90s: Cucumber. Melon. Between slathering on lotion at your locker and spraying body mist all over yourself after gym class, Bath & Body Works had the entire tween scent demo on lock. Since then, our signature scents have become only a distant memory after they were discontinued in the early 2000s (unless you never threw them out, which, ew), but this summer the mall brand decided to bring back some of our old faves for a little fragrance nostalgia. *blows kiss to JTT poster on wall*

Bath & Body Works/Mashable

According to Mashable , Bath & Body Works are releasing their throwback scents as part of their #FlashbackFragrance campaign, which includes everything from Cucumber Melon to Juniper Breeze to Country Apple. The iconic fragrances will all make their highly-anticipated return in the form of shower gels, body lotions, creams and fragrance mists for a limited time between June 8 and July 5.

Though their resurrection won't be in the OG Bath & Body Works packaging we've come to know and love, we will say one thing: at least this time around we can buy it on the internet. Lucky for you, Cucumber Melon , Juniper Breeze , Pearberry , Plumeria , Country Apple and White Tea and Ginger have already hit their site. Um, so, how many bottles of shower gel will last us for the next 15 years? Asking for a friend...