Beauty And The Beast Is Getting A Gaston And LeFou-Focused Musical Spinoff

Beauty Beast Is Getting Gaston

When Disney released its live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, it debuted to mostly positive reactions.

While Emma Watson made a dazzling Belle, two of the characters who ended up drawing the most praise happened to be the villainous Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad). It looks like they made so much of an impression on theatergoers that Disney is doubling down on more Gaston and LeFou with a new Beauty and the Beast spin-off sequel.

According to Variety , both Evans and Gad will reprise their original roles as Gaston and LeFou as part of an untitled series project set before the original Beauty and the Beast film. It's currently in early development and will b e a musical, with Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tapped to co-write and act as show runners.

The series would be set for Disney Plus, and would be produced by ABC Signature Studios. This is hardly the first Disney rodeo for Kitsis, Gad, and Horowitz, who all worked together on an unfortunately scrapped Muppets series that was planned for Disney Plus initially.

There's no word on why the show would follow these particular characters, or how far ahead of Beauty and the Beast it would go back to, or what the narrative might contain.

Originally, the first Disney live-action Beauty and the Beast film debuted in March 2017. While it starred Dan Stevens as the Beast and Emma Watson as Belle, it doesn't appear that either of them will be appearing in this series. There are scant details surrounding the entirety of the project at the moment, but if you enjoyed the live action musical, it seems like there'll be another healthy serving of singing and dancing with this Disney Plus original.

You may want to go ahead and make sure your schedule's clear ahead of time, actually.