The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of Demi Lovato's 'Confident' Video

Behind Scenes Story Demi Lovatos Confidentvideo

Demi Lovato 's Confident album is out today (Oct. 16), and we couldn't be more excited. In fact, we've been celebrating all week -- tracking how Demi's showed up the true meaning of confidence and prepping ourselves for what to do when we can actually hear the music in full .

We've also been watching the extremely badass music video for 'Confident' on repeat and making inspirational desktop wallpapers out of Demi's various poses -- you know, the usual. The video, which premiered last Friday, was directed by Robert Rodriguez , a filmmaker best known for 'Sin City,' 'Machete,' the 'Spy Kids' franchise and the 'Grindhouse' project with Quentin Tarantino.

We reached out to Rodriguez to get his take on exactly how the 'Confident' video came together, and -- surprise surprise -- it turns out the video was crafted to be badass right from the start. Go figure. Here's what we learned about 'Confident.'

  1. Demi teamed up with Rodriguez via 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.'

    'We had just worked together on ' From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series ' season two, But before that, she had come up for season one and visited the set, and I sensed just a real energy about her...She plays a real tough character in 'Dusk.' She has an amazing fight sequence with our lead actress, Eiza Gonzales. We had so much fun, I knew we had to something more. So when she asked me to direct her upcoming video, I was onboard, but it wasn’t till I heard the song that I got truly inspired to do something kick-ass and epic with her.'

  2. They shot the entire thing at Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios in Austin.

    'We have created our own method, our own way of making movies. So whenever I am going to do a project, and especially something I really care about, I have to do it here. What Demi did, her song, really deserved the best, so I needed to have the best around me. You come here and it feels very cinematic. It feels big.'

  3. Seriously, the whole thing.

    'Even the driving shots were done in my parking lot. Movie magic!'

  4. Demi's rock influence helped sell Rodriguez on the song.

    'When I got the music and I heard it, it was so epic and cinematic. It sounded so much like a movie score. It had so much energy, I had to call her and find out how she came up with it. She said that she wanted to put more of a rock influence into some of the songs in the album; that was totally up my alley.'

  5. Rodriguez created it especially to look like a movie.

    'I wanted it to look like a movie, not like a vamped up, over-the-top music video or a movie in a video, but actually something that looked like it was from a spy film. I felt it was this great culmination of movie, ideas and visuals all put together into this song created by Demi Lovato.'

  6. Demi's confidence grew during the shoot.

    'With Demi, it was clear. You could see her confidence grow with every shot. I would pull her over to the monitor and show her. I'd point out a now iconic moment and say, 'Who is THAT?!' She was transforming before our eyes, and that's always the most exciting part of what I get to do.'

  7. Rodriguez's epic ideas came as soon as he heard the song.

    'Right away, I could see the images of the video in my head. I saw her in combat, I saw her perseverance, her inability to quit, and I saw two women pitted against each other who ultimately team up and go up against the real oppressor. Both Demi and Michelle’s characters are strong bad-asses who ultimately decide they have the confidence to control their own destiny, and take back their lives on their own terms. That’s the story I wanted to tell.'

  8. It was all the fun of a movie shoot without the unfun parts.

    'What’s great about doing stuff like this is that it’s like shooting the best parts of a movie in two days, so it’s just bam bam bam! Reminded me a lot of when we shot the original 'Machete' trailer for my film 'Grindhouse.' Nothing but money shots with the best action moments and then this really cool story and all of it set to this great music, which inspired it.'

  9. Michelle Rodriguez joined because she loved the video's message.

    'Once we were onboard for making the video, Michelle is the first person I called. I told her the story over the phone and as soon as I got to the part that the girls team up, she said 'THAT'S it! I've been saying that for two years -- girls gotta stop fighting each other and team up! That's the message! I'm in! Let's do this. I'm coming down.''

  10. Demi's 'new calling' might be to kick ass on a regular basis.

    'Well, if you enjoyed the video, you’re gonna have to check out Demi’s role in the 'From Dusk Till Dawn' season finale that I directed. More Demi being a bad ass, more Demi kicking butt. I think she found a new calling.'

The 'From Dusk Till Dawn' season two finale airs Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on the El Rey Network.