'The Best Of Me' Trailer Is Basically A Magnum Opus Of Nicholas Sparks Hallmarks

Best Metrailer Is Basically Magnum Opus Nicholas Sparks Hallmarks

We had our first glimpse at a teaser back in June, and now the full trailer for the next Nicholas Sparks film adaptation is here. Look upon this two-and-a-half-minute peek at 'The Best of Me' and despair, ye of quelled emotions.

The trailer has all the Sparksian hallmarks we've come to expect: an idyllic southern setting, two young lovers from wildly different social classes, a major misunderstanding that separates them, and a surprising reconciliation... usually involving the emergence of a semi-clothed, scruffy, sweaty man from a weathered structure of some sort – hey, we're not complaining.

In this case, the enduring affections span 20 years' time, and the lovers are played by Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden. The moonlit dinners, the rain-soaked make-out sessions, the John Legend song (UGH WE WERE ALREADY SWOONING DID THEY HAVE TO PUSH US OVER THE EDGE WITH THE JOHN LEGEND SONG?)


You're not having a heart attack, we promise. It's just all the bonafide Sparks-induced feels , y'all. This is the guy who conjured the career-making characters behind Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' turns in 'The Notebook, ' a reason for us to swoon over Channing Tatum in 'Dear John' and plentiful excuses for shirtless Zac Efron action in 'The Lucky One.' Dude's an evil genius sorcerer of romantic, hot guy-strewn weepy nostalgia fare, and he clearly has no intention of stopping. Carry on, Sparksy. We'll be drooling watching.

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'The Best of Me' storms into theaters on a Kleenex-covered cloud October 17.