The Best Nicki Minaj Moments Of 2014 - Yasss

Best Nicki Minaj Moments 2014 Yasss

It's possible that Nicki Minaj's New Years' resolution for 2014 was to conquer the world, because it certainly looks like that's what she set out to achieve. The YMCMB rapper delivered a steady stream of music throughout the year, coupled with memorable awards show performances and straight up head-turning moments -- before she even dropped The Pinkprint . It would've been hard to miss her if you tried. Take a look back at her big year below.

  • Beauty And Brawn For 'Lookin Ass'

    Nicki started the year with a few tracks and freestyles that were meant to satisfy her core rap fan base. But even when she got gritty on songs like ' Chi-Raq, ' and YMCMB's 'Lookin Ass,' she still gave us plenty of visuals to drool over.

  • A Big Screen Role In 'The Other Woman'

    The Queens rapper landed her first role on the big screen when she played Cameron Diaz's assistant in 'The Other Woman.' The film hit theaters in April, and Nicki told MTV News that now she's feeling more confident about pursing an acting career in the future.

  • Screaming 'Yasss Bish, Yasss!'

    Hopefully Soulja Boy sent Nicki Minaj a hefty thank you package for working her magic on the 'Yasss Bish!!' freestyle. After she released this track, it was difficult to respond in the affirmative with a simple, 'yes,' when 'yasss' was an option. Feel me?

  • Family Reunion At Summer Jam

    Nicki's first big performance of the year was at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert in June , where she invited a few of her family members to join the party. Drake and Lil Wayne hit the stage to thunderous applause, plus she and Drizzy shared a pretty 'intimate' moment , for everyone to see.

  • Getting Dark In 'Pills N Potions' Video

    After rapping her a$ off on freestyles, Nicki unleashed 'Pills n Potions' as the first official single from The Pinkprint . The emotional track found her singing about her struggle to numb the pain, and Game made a cameo in the video, where he, uh, got beheaded.

  • The Best Acceptance Speech Ever Michael Tran / Getty Images

    When Nicki accepted the trophy for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards, she delivered one of the best speeches in recent history. She scared us by admitting that she thought she was 'going to die' just a few days earlier, then made us laugh by taking a jab at artists who don't write their lyrics, before closing with 'no shade' -- which of course went on to become a meme.

  • Breaking The Internet With 'Anaconda' Covert Art

    Cover art for a big single is obviously important, but it's not often that an artist almost breaks the Internet with a still shot. Nicki Minaj managed to do just that though. When she released the 'Anaconda' cover art, it become a talking point and the center of thinkpieces for days. And then, there were the memes . Even Miley Cyrus went out of her way to get in on the Photoshop fun .

  • Teasing Drake In Her 'Anaconda' Video

    2014 has officially been dubbed ' Year of the Booty ' and Nicki's 'Anaconda' video certainly contributed to that. There was an abundance of gratuitous rear end shots, and poor Drake looked like he was going to faint during that lap dance. The clip currently has over 320 million views on VeVo.

  • A Booty-Shaking VMA Performance

    At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki teamed up with Jessie J and Ariana Grande for a medley of 'Break Free,' 'Anaconda' and 'Bang Bang,' and she really went all out when she hit the stage solo. There was lots of body paint and gyrating as she brought her sexy video to life.

  • Completely 'Flawless' With Beyonce At The On The Run Tour

    When Mr. and Mrs. Carter closed out their On The Run tour in Paris, Beyoncé summoned Nicki to the stage to debut their 'Flawless' remix live . The outfits, the dance moves, all that a$. It was perfect.

  • Hosting The 2014 EMA

    Nicki was the hostess with the most-est at the 2014 MTV EMA , which aired from Glashow, Scotland. Somehow she managed to play golf, take selfies, and perform. Oh, and since she was overseas, Nicki took advantage of looser rules and cursed like a sailor .

  • Debuting 'Bed Of Lies' In Scotland

    Nicki also debuted a brand new song with Skylar Grey called 'Bed of Lies' while she was out in Glasgow. Unlike 'Anaconda,' this track struck a much more emotional chord, as she opened up about a relationship that went horribly wrong.

  • Getting Raunchy With Drake And Lil Wayne On 'Only'

    We knew that we'd hear Nicki's YMCMB family on The Pinkprint at one point or the other, but we weren't actually expecting Drake and Lil Wayne to end up on the same song. We also weren't expecting her to get so blunt. She opened ' Only ' rapping, I never f—ked Wayne, I never f—ed Drake. The sexual tension was almost too much to handle.

  • All Gold For 'Bang Bang'

    In addition to her own hit singles, Nicki Minaj also got plenty of bang from her collaboration with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. They performed the song at the VMAs and later brought it to the American Music Awards , looking better than a pot of gold.