Beyonce Looks Just Like Blue Ivy In This Baby Photo! BRB, Verklempt!

Beyonce Looks Just Like Blue Ivy This Baby Photo


Is bb Beyoncé NOT the spitting image of Blue Ivy?

Sorry, that weird sound you're probably hearing is us mouth-breathing into a paper bag because this baby photo of Beyoncé nearly put us in full cardiac arrest. It's just SO CUTE, and it looks SO MUCH like Bey's daughter, so 911? CODE BLUE... Ivy .

The ' Drunk In Love ' singer posted this throwback photo on her Tumblr Thursday night, resulting in a collective 'SQUEE!' from the internet. How precious is this face?! OF COURSE even as a toddler, Bey rocked stylin' earrings and a sassy dress. And her expression! Ahhhhhh, Cute Overload's got nothing on this.

Now that we've controlled our breathing, can we talk about BeyBey's immaculate posture and total lack of drool? Pretty sure our baby portrait was like this: slumped over and dribbling on the Olan Mills Portrait Studio set in a hand-me-down yellow onesie.

But then again, our DNA is clearly NOTHING like Ms. Knowles'. Beyoncé probably hit all of her developmental milestones before any of her classmates. We were still eating paste in kindergarten, so... NO JUDGEMENT!

And now we're back to hyperventilating.

Photo credit: Beyonce's Tumblr