Beyonce Recreates 'Blow' At A Houston Roller Rink: See The Pics

Beyonce Recreatesblowat Houston Roller Rink

Beyoncé and Jay Z's joint On The Run Tour stopped down in Houston, Texas over the weekend, and you know the 'Pretty Hurts' singer wouldn't hit up her hometown without throwing some kind of party. Bey laced up her skates and rolled her way on over to H-Town's FunPlex Entertainment, which you might remember as the shooting location for the 32-year-old entertainer's 'Blow' video.

Throw in some laser tag, that scrolling 'X-Men' beat-'em-up arcade game from the '90s, a couple of holofoil Pokémon card trades, and some puberty-related insecurity, and -- BAM! -- you've got my sixth-grade birthday party.

Something tells me Beyoncé's entrance went a little something like this...

Miss Third Ward laced up in front of a black-lit Houston skyline.


And then she literally had the best time ever. Ugh, I want to go to there.




At one point, Beyoncé even ditched the skates for some non-rolling shoes.


Why? Because she's a grown woman.