Beyonce's '1+1' Video: The GIFs!

Beyonces 1 1video Gifs

Okay, so between watching all of Britney Spears ' past VMA performances to prep for her tribute at the VMAs and contemplating what Lady Gaga might do/kill/birth/build/shellac as the VMA opener this Sunday AND mentally preparing yourself for Beyonce's inevitably epic VMA performance (here's a history of Beyonce's VMA performances in case you need a refresher, BTW) you're probably thinking, 'Damn, I could use some Beyonce GIFs to cleanse my palette right now.' Great minds think alike!

Infamous Britney Spears GIF-ifier T. Kyle is here to the rescue! He's broken down some of the best moments of Beyonce's stunning ' 1+1 ' video into the best GIFs in town. Enjoy them below, and then go stock up on baby oil and glitter so you can recreate these scenes in the mirror for no one for your boyfriend before that stupid-ass hurricane hits!

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