Big Pun Laid To Rest In Bronx

Big Pun Laid Rest Bronx

After friends, family, and hundreds of fans headed to the Bronx late last week to pay their respects, late rapper Big Pun was laid to rest over the weekend in a private ceremony.

Funeral services were held on Saturday in New York City for the 28-year-old Bronx native, who collapsed in front of his wife last Monday and was dead on arrival to the hospital (see 'Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack' ).

Rios was interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

Before the funeral, the Ortiz Funeral Home in the Bronx opened its doors to the public last week for a viewing that drew Fat Joe, Lil' Kim, Puffy Combs, and L.L. Cool J as well as family members and hundreds of fans (see 'Stars, Fans Say Goodbye At Big Pun Memorial' ).

No official cause of death has been released, but at the time of his death, Pun, real name Christopher Rios, weighed somewhere between 450 to 700 pounds,

the majority of which he gained in the last ten years after winning a large settlement from the city of New York. The massive weight gain caused the rapper to have respiratory problems and made it difficult for him to walk. Friends say he hadn't been feeling well for weeks before his death.

There has also been no official word yet on a release date for Big Pun's second album, 'Yeehah Baby,' which was originally slated to arrive in April. Spokespeople for Pun's record label had said that it was likely that the release would be pushed back at least two weeks, though word has yet to surface on a new release date.