Big Sean Opens Up About Detroit, Religion And Love

Big Sean Opens Up About Detroit

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Big Sean just unleashed his sophomore studio album Hall of Fame , and in his new online cover story for Vibe the G.O.O.D. Music rapper gets honest about the struggles in his hometown, his religious beliefs and his past relationships. See the highlights below and read the full interview here .

What's really happening in his hometown Detroit : I’m still there but my homies are there every damn day. You may hear about the poverty and bankruptcy on CNN but half the people I know don’t watch CNN. I got to be the one to relay these messages and let people know that Detroit is 15.8 million in debt. I’ve never seen vacant neighborhoods, and I’ve never seen full vacant blocks. I’m talking about a whole block of houses—then the next block and then the next block, all vacant. It’s some crazy shit and they’re full of crack heads, full of people raping girls walking to school. People I know, personal friends, girls, little sisters getting raped going to school. It fucks their whole head up, and they become different people. There ain’t nobody telling that story from Detroit. Eminem not gon’ tell that story because that’s not Eminem’s story. I feel like it’s my responsibility to be that person and tell that. I have to rep for those people on a major scale.

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His religious beliefs : I definitely consider myself a Christian. There’s things that I believe in, there’s things I have a self-belief on. I know I got a great relationship with God and the universe. I just believe in being a righteous person and karma. Doing unto others as you would have done unto you. I really want to help teach that. I met kids that’s like ‘Man, I look up to you, you’re my hero.’ Then, I’m thinking ‘I can’t be your hero just rapping about ass, ass, ass.’ Really, I’m a spiritual dude, who knows a lot. So, I wanted to help educate, too. I still got ignorant shit on the album, though.