Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt Hints At A One Direction Collab

Big Time Rushs Kendall Schmidt Hints One Direction Collab

Since starring in Nickelodeon's hit show ' Big Time Rush ,' Kendall Schmidt has been busy in the studio recording, mixing and working with his current band, Heffron Drive .

He recently casually dropped a mysterious tweet this weekend about another project that involves producing a new song by a member of One Direction , like NBD.

Who? What? When? vague, Kendall!

Big Time Rush and One Direction's boy band-bromance started in 2012, when 1D joined BTR's Better With U Tour -- a concert I did not get to attend and still have immense FOMO about, tbh.

Chances of Kendall and Niall collaborating are pretty likely, but no matter who he works with, the song will definitely be amaze .

Now we will all stay pressed to Kendall's Twitter waiting for more info.