Black Eyed Peas Go Behind-The-Scenes In 'Don't Stop The Party' Video

Black Eyed Peas Go Behind Scenes Indont Stop Partyvideo

Want to know what it's like to be in the Black Eyed Peas? The new video for the group's track 'Don't Stop the Party,' which

>hit the Internet on Wednesday, is giving fans a bird's-eye view of life on the road.

A mix of concert shots, behind-the-scenes footage and studio footage, it all blends together to paint a picture of life as a Black Eyed Pea. When they aren't onstage, the bandmembers are seen partying and having a good time dancing around.

The song is the third single off The Beginning. Produced by DJ Ammo and, it's a full-on club banger, much like previous singles 'The Time (Dirty Bit)' and 'Just Can't Get Enough.' The video for the latter helped raise funds for Japanese disaster relief after the tsunami.

The track features heavy club beats, Auto-Tune and lots of house music elements, something that the team intended to include on the album as a whole. ' The E.N.D. was a zeitgeist of the time, articulating that it's the end of the era,' told MTV News last year. 'We're still passionate about music, so The Beginning [is] utilizing all the technologies, doing new things. Stuff like that, that's The Beginning. '

With its behind-the scenes shots, the video for 'Don't Stop the Party' certainly sheds some light on how the album was made. 'I mean, you have to realize this album was made on tour,' Fergie said. 'Basically these guys have hotel rooms with studios in them. Now technology has allowed us to make albums in hotel rooms. They'd leave their doors open, and I'd walk in [and just start singing].'