'The Bodyguard' Gets A Reboot: We Cast The New Whitney Houston

Bodyguardgets Reboot

Back in the 1990s, we spent approximately 95 percent of our leisure time either watching 'The Bodyguard,' listening to the soundtrack from 'The Bodyguard' or prancing around in front of our bedroom mirror and shamelessly belting an off-key version of 'I Will Always Love You' into a hairbrush microphone while simultaneously having naughty, naughty fantasies about making out with Kevin Costner on an airport tarmac.

Which is to say, we are not totally sure about the news, reported yesterday by Rihanna

Rih has been extra-interested in breaking into the movie biz since she finished up her world tour last year, and she recently wrapped her first role in the 2012 action flick ' Battleship .' A project that straddles the line between music and movies could be just the push she needs to get people thinking of her as a serious actress, and not just a dulcet-voiced video vixen.

Lea Michele

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We already know that Lea makes a great small-screen diva, and there's no question that she's got the vocal chops to carry a musical. Could this be the next step in her transition from TV to film?

Jennifer Hudson

It's not like Jennifer needs any help getting her name out there; the girl's already got an Academy Award, a new hit album and a cushy sponsorship deal with Weight Watchers. But considering that she'd bring the darn house down in this role—and that it's been way too long since the glorious belt-fest that was 'Dreamgirls'—we think she should be at the top of the list.

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Who would you cast in this role?