Brenda Song And Trace Cyrus To Be Parents?

Brenda Song Trace Cyrus Be Parents

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by Catherine Fuentes

Do two former Mouse House starlets expecting babies officially make 2011 (er, make that 2012!) a Disney Channel baby boom?

Brenda Song, who is best known for her starring role on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' and her big-screen turn in 'The Social Network,' is reportedly expecting her first child with Trace Cyrus, mommy-to-be dates with Hilary Duff . The two probably have a lot to talk shop about. Namely, the little tykes who could be the Disney Stars of 2025. The future of the channel is upon us!

Don't believe us that EVERYONE in Hollywood is pregnant? Our friends over at Buzzworthy have plenty to say on the subject!

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