Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’ Video Turns 15: Relieve The 15 Greatest Moments

Britney Spears Lucky Video Turns 15

It's a big day in pop music history -- because Britney Spears' 'Lucky' video turns 15.

Yep, the big 1-5. I now feel old.

The singer reminded us all of the special occasion on Instagram by posting a screenshot from the memorable video with the caption: 'This is a story about a music video called #Lucky that turned 15 today!'

So let's celebrate, in my opinion, one of Britney's greatest ballads off her Oops!... I Did It Again album with the 15 greatest moments from the video.

  1. This Is The Story...
  2. Glitter Godney
  3. Glamour Godney
  4. Top Of The World
  5. When Ghost Britney Starts Spying On Lucky
  6. When She Won Her Oscar...Which Should Have Been For 'Crossroads'
  7. Those Perfect Mascara Tears
  8. When Britney Steals Lucky's Mirror
  9. But She Didn't Notice Because She Was On Her Flip Phone
  10. Don't Worry, She Gets It Back
  11. That Sparkle Eye Shadow
  12. Bow Down To The Crop Top Queen
  13. Lucky Had Some Sass
  14. Damsel In Distress
  15. Boss Britney

Relive all the magical moments right now!