Brittany Snow And Tyler Hoechlin Are Dating! Check Out Their Road To Love [Photos]

Brittany Snow Tyler Hoechlin Are Dating

Tyler Hoechlin and Brittany Snow at the red carpet premiere of 'Call Me Crazy' on April 16th.

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Current and future residents of the ' Friendzone ,' let this be a message to you: It is possible to crawl your way out of the platonic hole and turn that just-friends sitch into something more. Just look at ' Teen Wolf ' star Tyler Hoechlin and his longtime bud-turned-girlfriend, Brittany Snow ! The two have been besties for about a decade, and are just now sowing the seeds of love.

Recently, Tyler and Brittany (Britler? TyHoBriSno? we'll work on it...) stepped out on the red carpet for the ' Pitch Perfect ' star's new movie, 'Call Me Crazy,' as a (really, really, ridiculously good looking) couple. Rumors of the romance started flying earlier this year, but rumors be damned -- these two look positively smitten! TyHo isn't shy about sharing his adoration for his girl, either -- 'So proud, can't wait,' he posted along with this Instagram shot of an ad for her new flick. What a sweetheart!

+ Now that these two are red carpet offish, which is basically the celebrity equivalent of Facebook offish, we've unearthed some pics of their earlier years as friends. Check out their road to love, and tell us what you think of the couple!

A teenage Tyler and Brittany celebrating Jake Thomas' (that's Lizzie McGuire's little brother) 13th birthday in 2003.

At Ashlee Simpson's album launch party in 2004.

At Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, with Tyler's co-star, Ian Bohen, and Kelley Jakle of 'Pitch Perfect.'

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Photo: Getty Images/Tyler Hoechlin's Instagram