Brody Jenner's Girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, Sues Joe Francis for $1 Million

Brody Jenners Girlfriend

Jayde Nicole, girlfriend of [url id='/shows/the_hills/season_5/series.jhtml']'The Hills'[/url] star Brody Jenner, has filed a lawsuit against 'Girls Gone Wild' founder Joe Francis for million plus punitive damages. She is suing him for assault and battery in connection with a scuffle that the Playboy model, Jenner and Francis got into last month at Los Angeles nightclub Guys and Dolls.

TMZ reports that the suit claims, 'In an intoxicated and uncontrollable rage, defendant Francis, who weighs over 200 lbs, physically attacked plaintiff Nicole, approximately 115 lbs, by pulling on her hair from behind to gain maximum control over her person and then violently shoving and/or throwing her to the ground of the nightclub like a rag-doll.'

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Nicole claims that Francis caused her to have multiple injuries including a 'black eye, swollen face, bruised ribs, sore and bruised abdomen region, bruised arms and legs, ripped-out hair, and utter emotional distress and humiliation.'

In a statement to TMZ, Francis claimed that Nicole's accusations are false, calling her 'an absolute and total liar.' Francis also defended himself to MTV News the day after the incident went down in August.

'Her prior statements about the incident are not only slanderous and defamatory, but actionable,' he told TMZ. 'It is so interesting that Jayde Nicole would hire the same attorney (Ron Richards) who represented the double murderer who kidnapped me from my Bel Air mansion at gunpoint in 2004, for which he is now serving 11 years. The only thing that Jayde Nicole is famous for is having a tattoo of the word 'respect' above her vagina ... for which we all know she has none of.'