Brony Engaged to Twilight Sparkle; Pens Angry Letter To Pony Artist

Brony Engaged Twilight Sparkle

Badass Digest's Devin Faraci tweeted a link to a letter sent to a Deviant artist named Kevinsano who partakes in the creation and 'appreciation' of erotic 'My Little Pony' art. The letter, sent from a redacted name, begs the artist to please rethink receiving erotic art of 'Pony' character Twilight Sparkle, because, as you'll see below, the writer of said letter is planning to wed the fictional, four-legged creature.

Yes, wed. As in marry. As in get hitched. To a cartoon.

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He continues:

como parar de ficar ereto tão facilmente?


Please pay close attention to this line: 'Twilight Sparkle is not your plaything nor your property, she's my fiance.'

The writer here might be a troll. He might have sent this letter to Kevinsano hoping it would be posted, go viral, and humiliate the entire Bronie movement. It also might be very real. Which is rough.

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Listen, I know that a guy who thinks he's marrying a cartoon character is something that warrants further discussion. And I also know that the fact that this other guy is totally into very graphic erotic art based on a children's cartoon character warrants further discussion as well. But what I find immediately interesting about this situation is the declaration of ownership of 'Twiley.' Who does she belong to? Does the writer of the letter have any more of a right to marry her than the artist have over creating and observing filthy drawings of her? I mean, doesn't Hasbro own her? Isn't it their call what happens to this character? Did the writer of this letter ask Hasbro for their daughter's hand in marriage? I doubt it. I think we need to halt any further discussion on this matter unti Hasbro chimes in. If they give their blessing and sanction the marriage between this man and their beautiful, blushing collection of lines and color, then more power to him. But until then, both these dudes need to back off the IP.

Head here to read the letter in full .

[Source: @devincf ]