Bryce Dallas Howard Compares Her Gwen Stacy To Emma Stone's 'Amazing Spider-Man' Role

Bryce Dallas Howard Compares Her Gwen Stacy Emma Stones Amazing Spider Manrole

She might have been Spider-Man's first love , but it's taken an awfully long time for Gwen Stacy to get some time in the live-action spotlight. Spider-fans' patience appears to be paying off, however, as the platinum-blonde girl who steals Peter Parker's heart will finally be the leading lady in Sony's upcoming franchise reboot, ' The Amazing Spider-Man .'

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Of course, 'Amazing Spider-Man' actress Emma Stone won't be the first to play Gwen Stacy on the big screen. That honor goes to Bryce Dallas Howard , who portrayed Gwen Stacy in 2007's ' Spider-Man 3 .' With both actresses appearing in the upcoming film ' The Help ,' MTV News made sure to ask Howard about the weird convergence of roles.

Asked whether she'd discussed the situation with Stone when they were on set, Howard said the topic 'totally' came up, and heaped praise on the next Gwen Stacy — and the film that gave her the role first.

'I loved doing ['Spider-Man 3'],' said Howard. 'I was only involved in one of the Spider-Man films and hoped to be in more, but I also understood that whatever choices they were going to make about the project were going to be right and good for the franchise.'

'When I heard about what they were going to do, I thought that was kind of an inspired incarnation,' she continued. 'It's going to be brilliant. And when I heard that Emma was going to be Gwen Stacy, I thought it was perfect.'

Howard didn't shy away from making bold predictions about Stone's portrayal of the character, either.

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'I admire [Emma's] talent so much, and she's going to kick my butt,' she laughed.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' is scheduled for a July 2012 release.

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