Busta Rhymes Breaks Down His ‘Master Of None’ Cameo

Busta Rhymes Breaks Down His Master None Cameo

If you've watched Aziz Ansari 's ' Master Of None ' this year, then you've seen Busta Rhymes appear on the show. And if you've done that, then you might've asked yourself, 'How did Bus' get on this?' Recently, the Flipmode MC was asked that same question.

'Aziz Ansari was just a big supporter of Busta Rhymes and had love for me as an artist and actor,' he told Billboard . 'I’m a huge fan of his. I think he’s incredible and in a unique space -- he’s a one-of-one. We don’t know too many Aziz Ansaris, especially in the comedic universe, so I’m a big fan of him. I love how he reps hip-hop.

'I love how he reps as an entertainer and I think he’s a funny motherf--ker,' he continued. 'When I got the call that he was really trying to rock with the kid, it just felt like a beautiful opportunity to not only explore but just maximize, man. It was fun and it was easy.'

Netflix / 'Master Of None'

Alan Yang -- who co-created the show with Ansari -- recently gave Busta props for appearing on the show.

'Busta was incredible,' Yang said on Reddit . 'He was supposed to show up to shoot at 7 in the morning. At 7:01, we started to get nervous he wouldn't show up, because he's a famous rapper with other stuff to do. But he showed up right then. I tried to give him his sides for the day (little copies of the script that he can refer to), but he told me he didn't need them, that he knew all his lines. And he did. He was totally off book. Also, he improvised the line, 'Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go f--k with some of those shrimp.' Which is one of my favorite lines in the show.'

Check out the trailer for the Netflix series below.