Busta Rhymes Explains The Rap Economics Of 'Gimme Some More'

Busta Rhymes Explains Rap Economics Ofgimme Some More

Director Gus Van Sant's updated version of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, 'Psycho,' opened up this weekend, scaring up $10 million at the box office - but Van Sant isn't the only person honoring the 1960 film.

Hip-hop jester Busta Rhymes samples the 'Psycho' theme in his new hit, 'Gimme Some More' borrowing a snippet of Bernard Hermann's original score. The song is the first cut off the rapper's new album, 'Extinction Level Event,' which Busta believes carries a 'Greed is Good' message.

MTV News recently caught up with the frenetic Busta in Atlanta, where he was shooting the song's rapid-fire video with director Hype Williams, and he talked about his theory of rap economics.

''Gimme Some More' is just an overdose of everything you want more of,' Busta said, 'whether it's more sex, more partying, more clothes, more money, more cars, more houses, you know. More peace, more war, whatever.

It's just all of these things that people want. I just felt like making a song that combined all these elements and pretty much presented it in the same time as a 3 minute [video].' [28.8 RealVideo]

'Extinction Level Event' arrives in stores this week.