Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake Get Filthy In Red Band 'Bad Teacher' Trailer

Cameron Diaz Justin Timberlake Get Filthy Red Bandbad Teachertrailer

Is Cameron Diaz the new Billy Bob Thornton ? From the looks of things in the just-released red band trailer for the upcoming comedy ' Bad Teacher ,' Diaz has taken a cue from Thornton's seriously dark comedy classic ' Bad Santa ' by putting a foul-mouthed adult around impressionable youth.

'Bad Teacher,' due in theaters on June 24, is about a disgruntled teacher/arguable sociopath named Elizabeth (Diaz) who, while not smoking 'medicinal' marijuana in the parking lot, passing off the advances of the school's gym teacher ( Jason Segel ) and grading papers ('Are you f***ing kidding me?' she writes on a student's exam), sets her sights on finding a man to take care of her.

Enter Justin Timberlake , who plays Scott, the new sub Diaz intends on nabbing for herself. After discovering Scott has a penchant for, er, top heavy females, Elizabeth aims to win a bonus for having the highest-scoring class in order to pay for breast implants. The ridiculously unsafe for work trailer is past the jump!

Diaz is no stranger to raunchy comedy and you can't go wrong with the supporting cast of Timberlake, Segel, and ' The Office's ' Phyllis Smith , all of whom are comedic gems in their own right. But putting those talents aside, will this red band trailer be the movie's big selling point?

There's been quite a few red band trailers for comedies over the past few years that have done the trick. The hilarious spots for profanity-laced hits like ' Superbad ,' ' Pineapple Express ,' and even the upcoming ' Friends With Benefits ' (JT strikes again!) have wooed their key demographics with gross sight gags and saucy language. Something tells me that the red band trailer for 'Bad Teacher' will bode well for it, too. That something may or may not have to do with a scantily clad Diaz writhing around at a carwash and the trailer's naughty one-liners, but I'm guessing it's more the former than the latter.

Check out the extremely unsafe for work trailer for 'Bad Teacher' below and let us know what you think. Are you happy to see Cameron Diaz go from cutesy to crude or is the entire premise just too much bad taste for you?

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