Cam'ron Unloading Pink SUV Before Offering Up Purple Haze

Camron Unloading Pink Suv Before Offering Up Purple Haze

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NEW YORK — Cam'ron says he recorded enough material for March's Purple Haze that he could've released a triple album, yet the flashy Harlemite is still finding himself confined to the studio these days.

He and Jaheim are recording a duet album, Best of Both Hoods.

'We've got about seven or eight songs,' Cam said Thursday in the Diplomats' Manhattan offices. 'We've been working on that for the last two or three weeks. It's crazy. ... He does half, I do half. It's gonna be a good combination. I didn't know the songs was gonna turn out this smooth.'

Cam and Jaheim's collaboration came about a few weeks ago when the captain of the Dip Set was finishing up Purple Haze. He had three slots on his album open for a guest appearance from a male singer, so told the thugged-out crooner to choose which track he wanted to get on, but like Christopher Walken in 'King of New York,' Jah wanted in.

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'He wanted to do all three of them,' Cam remembered. '[He said,] 'I'm feeling all of them.' I was like, 'You know what, three joints, that's a quarter of an album. For all that, we can get paper.' So I got on the phone with the managers, the lawyers, everybody was real excited about it.'

Of the initial three songs they made, one — a reworking of Sam Cooke's 'Change Is Gonna Come' — will be featured on Purple Haze. The remaining two are slated for Best of Both Hoods, which is expected out in the summer or fall.

Besides his duties as an artist and CEO of Diplomat Records, Cam is going into car sales. 'I'm trying,' he laughed. 'I'm about to start slinging cars every month. Word!'

What has Cam tickled pink is his pink 2003 Range Rover featured in the split video for 'Get Em Girls' and 'Killa Cam.' He put it up for auction on eBay earlier this week with a starting price of 0,000. 'So far I got one [bid],' he said.

Cam's selling the pink SUV because it's too conspicuous. Go figure.

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'When I drive it, it's a headache,' he lamented. 'My driver be signing autographs if he's in there by himself. No matter who's driving, if they are in that car, you're a star. If your grandmother got in that driver's seat, she's gonna be signing autographs. It just attracts attention. That's why I put it in the video.'

Just because he's getting rid of one of his vehicles, don't think you'll be seeing him ride the bus anytime soon. He's got plenty of other whips, and he said he'll be driving around in a Rolls-Royce Phantom pretty soon — just as soon as it gets a new a paint job.

'I'm about to go paint the Phantom [pink],' he said. 'I'm telling you now. I'm about to do the Phantom that color for about another five or six months.'