Catch Bruce Willis in the New 'Catch .44' Trailer

Catch Bruce Willis Newcatch

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Movies are a funny thing. Case in point: 'Catch .44' features an all-star cast (Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and Malin Akerman among others) and a high octane plot about a bunch of criminals who double cross each other during a Mexican standoff.

It seems like just the kind of film that should be making a big splash at the box office -- except it's only being released in a couple cities before going straight to DVD.

Why? Well, that's the big question -- and since we now have our first look at the new trailer for 'Catch .44,' it's a question you can try to answer for yourself. Should this movie get a wider release? You make the call!

Here's the scoop: Co-staring luminaries like Nikki Reed ('The Twilight Saga') and Brad Dourif ('The Lord of the Rings'), 'Catch .44' focuses on a group of shady double dealers who get double, tripled and quadruple dealed by a crime kingpin (that's Willis) who seems to have a secret agenda that goes way beyond just the drug shipment everyone is fighting over. Can the others figure out his con in time? Or are they locked into a zero sum game?

Written and directed by up and coming (read: Unknown) auteur Aaron Harvey, 'Catch .44' will hit theaters in New York and, er, Charlotte, North Carolina (hey, whatever) on Dec. 9 before arriving on DVD eleven days later. Big mistake? Check out the trailer, courtesy of ComingSoon , and decide for yourself.