Catfish Call-Out: Do You Really Think Caitlyn Is A 'Liar' Like Kenton Said?

Catfish Call Out Do You Really Think Caitlyn Is Aliarlike Kenton Said

A young woman discovered her catfish was everything he said he was -- and got blamed for their relationship's demise in the process.

On tonight's episode of the hit show , Massachusetts resident Caitlyn contacted Nev and Max about her beau Kenton. The two had met on Facebook and quickly fell for each other; Kenton, in fact, was trying to convince Caitlyn to move to his home state of Kentucky (and bring her two-year-old daughter).

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But there was something fishy about him: For one, he claimed to be Nev's personal trainer (pants on fire!). He also seemed to be mirroring Caitlyn's life: When she said she had a daughter, he said he had a daughter. When she said she'd once been raped, he said he'd once been raped.

Turns out, however, the handsome, muscular guy in the photos really was Kenton and -- when he traveled all the way to Worcester on his own volition to 'get this all cleared up' -- he insisted everything he'd told Caitlyn was the truth. So what was the problem, and why hadn't their relationship advanced? Apparently, Caitlyn just didn't give Kenton enough attention.

'When we started talking, we were having good conversations with each other and talking a lot. We went from doing that to barely nothing. There was no communication hardly at all. It would be literally two texts a day, maybe, if I was lucky,' he said. 'I got a lot of stuff going on in my life, but I can find plenty of time out of my day to talk to someone I'm interested in.'

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Caitlyn, meanwhile, said she simply couldn't spend all day and night texting. 'I work a new job, and my phone is not on me -- it's in a locker all day,' she said. 'And I have a two-year-old daughter.'

But Kenton was unforgiving. 'You're not going to sit here and tell me that from the time you get home until you go to bed, you're so busy that you can't pick up the phone... You should have just said, 'I don't have the time for you,' and that's it, and that would have been fine. But you're leading me on, and that's not cool.'

His words, if but for a moment, made Caitlin rethink her position. 'I guess I wasn't putting in enough time,' she offered, trying to make peace. 'I have feelings for you -- they're still there. This is heartbreaking.'

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Kenton's response? 'I don't believe a word that's coming out of her mouth... I feel like she's a liar,' he said coldly, just after proclaiming there was 'nothing more to talk about.'

And apparently, he was right: During a catch-up two months later, Caitlyn revealed that she's never spoken to Kenton again, and when Nev and Max then chatted with Kenton, the 22-year-old was still bitter about the entire experience.

'I feel the same way that I felt when I left,' he said. 'She kind of wasted my time.'

But did she? Do you think Caitlyn 'lied' to Kenton, and did she lead him on like he claims? Or was Kenton simply asking for too much, and is Caitlyn better off without him? Give us your thoughts in the comments.