Catfish Confession: Was Jose Being Honest About His Intentions?

Catfish Confession Was Jose Being Honest About His Intentions

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A man had a slew of reasons for duping another guy on the latest episode of Catfish , but do you believe any of them were valid?

Tonight's victim du jour may give you a case of déjà vu: Jose himself was once a fraud when, in March , he posed as a woman named Rosa to catfish a dude named Danny. But now the shoe was on the other foot: Jose was hopelessly in love with a mysterious stud named Jay but become inconsolable when his online beau suddenly disappeared.

So who was Jay? Another guy named Jose, who -- when confronted by his victim plus Nev and Max -- said he never even had feelings for Jose.

'That wasn't real,' Catfish Jose said. 'I'm straight... I have a girlfriend.'

So why the ruse?

'I made a profile way back,' he explained. 'I was in a dark place; I was depressed. I was drinking every single night. I was like, let me be someone else for a day or two. I got addicted to it, so I stayed on that profile.'

He reached out to Victim Jose, he said, after seeing his Catfish episode and realizing they had a connection. 'I've been there as well,' he said, referring to VJ's past. 'I've been abused or whatever you want to call it.'

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In fact, he looked to VJ for advice and guidance as his problems with alcohol worsened -- but eventually became infuriated with his pal when he realized Victim Jose had tried to turn his former Rosa persona into a Youtube sensation, posting comedy videos as 'Rosa Seafish.'

'He was wearing wigs and stuff. He makes a big scene about, 'I was abused when I was a child,' or whatever he'd been through, which I understand, because... I been through it as well,' Catfish Jose said. 'What happened was real -- now he wants to come make it as a joke? That's wrong to me.'

Angered, he said he continued leading on Victim Jose to 'troll' and 'bother' him.

But later, Catfish Jose offered what he said was the real reason the videos irritated him so much: Apparently, VJ was tipsy in many of the clips, and that struck a nerve because of his own battle with the bottle.

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'So part of your anger toward the Rosa Seafish profile was that he seemed like this guy who had his stuff together, and then you saw him drunk, and you judged him because you had your own issues with alcohol,' Max summarized, as Catfish Jose nodded yes.

For his part, Victim Jose was forgiving -- and even ended their meeting the same way Danny had ended theirs in March: by praying. But would you have been able to forgive Catfish Jose? And do you think he's telling the truth about why he contacted his victim and why he continued deceiving him? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.