Catfish Contrition: Was Nae's Apology Genuine?

Catfish Contrition Was Naes Apology Genuine

Catfish apologies vary: The regret-filled statement can come across as heartfelt, or the words can be perceived as disingenuous . And during tonight's brand-new episode, Nae's plea for forgiveness was up for debate.

So why was Nae in this position? Single father Luis contacted Nev and Max because he wanted answers about a budding connection with a fellow single parent named Sydney. The construction worker met the Texan five months ago, and she opened up to him about her difficult circumstances (her mother was in jail, her grandmother recently died and she was residing in a shelter). He helped her emotionally -- and financially. However, Luis became skeptical of his new ladylove when she refused to video chat and didn't share any photographs with her daughter.

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And he had a right to be suspicious: When the MTV guys got settled in a fancy cafe (not the usual coffee shop!) with their computers, Google Image search confirmed that there was another profile with the same pics in the Sydney profile. But there was more trouble: When the detectives established contact over the phone, she was adamant that the photos were indeed of her and claimed that they were wrong.

Of course, this wasn't the case. A face-to-face encounter confirmed that Sydney was Nae and not the woman in the images. From there, she revealed that most of what she told Luis was false (her mother wasn't behind bars, her grandmother was alive and she lived with her mother). Her motivation in the relationship: Using Luis for his funds -- specifically, to help purchase diapers and food for her child. But Luis wasn't the only victim: Other men were involved in her scam as well. However, Luis was different than the rest.

'It just wasn't about money because most of the time I would just block the guy,' she admitted, elaborating that she would cut them out of her life after visiting Western Union.

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While Nae didn't seem to feel too guilty about her behavior during the initial interaction, she did elaborate on her motives the following day. While she tried to state her point of view -- how she was doing anything necessary to provide for her newborn, even though she did not choose to get a job -- Nev and Max were doubtful because she was so dishonest in the past. Eventually, she came clean.

'This means nothing to me,' she adamantly stated. 'I guess you could say I'm cold-hearted because I'm not thinking of his feelings.' Meanwhile, Max added that she has 'conned everyone.'

Eventually, with a bit of persistence from Nev and Max, she did cop to her mistakes. 'I'm really sorry about everything,' she quietly uttered, as the candid conversation came to a close.

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But do you believe her mea culpa? Nae was a convincing liar during her communication with Luis -- and even pulled the same tricks with Nev regarding the photos on the account. However, she did state that she wanted to make a change and no longer behave in this fashion -- and perhaps this was the first step to turning a new leaf. Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c!