Catfish Karma: Did Johnny Deserve To Be Scammed?

Catfish Karma Did Johnny Deserve Be Scammed

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How does a catfish fall for a catfish? Turns out, pretty easily.

On tonight's episode of the MTV show , a former featured fraudster named Johnny enlisted the help of Nev and Max -- because this time, he was the one smitten with someone who was quite possibly BS'ing him . And man, was Johnny's tale a complicated one.

First off, he said he'd had fallen in love with the very handsome Connor five months earlier after the two met on Tinder. But Connor never got on the phone with Johnny even once, preferring to communicate via text. Then came the most bizarre part of all: Connor said he was roommate's with Johnny's ex-boyfriend Cameron -- and when Max heard that, he announced he already knew who was catfishing Johnny.

'It's solved, case closed,' the silver fox announced. 'It's Cameron.'

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But alas, Max and Nev soon realized it wasn't completely cut and dry. In fact, they decided, there were three suspects. First: the aforementioned Cameron. Second: a possibly vengeful Andrew, aka the guy Johnny had catfished last year. And lastly, Nev and Max had a hunch that Johnny himself was behind the ruse, making it all up in the hopes that the sleuths would lead him to Cameron and give him an 'in' to reconnect with his ex.

Oh, and speaking of Cameron -- when Nev and Max contacted him, he said his relationship with Johnny wasn't as serious as Johnny had claimed. In fact, Cameron said, the two never really dated at all, and the reason Cameron suddenly stopped hanging with him was that Cam just wasn't that into him.

So with Cameron ruled out as a suspect, was Connor really Andrew or Johnny? Well, neither: The catfish was a woman named Shana, who'd been dating Johnny until he suddenly ghosted her.

'I thought he was gay,' Max said during the big reveal.

'I thought he was straight,' Shana replied.

For his part, Johnny refused to elaborate on his sexuality but confessed that he stopped seeing Shana because -- get this -- he just wasn't that into her.

Fortunately, the irony wasn't lost on him. 'I feel like a dick. I did to her what Cameron did to me,' Johnny told Max, before formally apologizing to Shana for all his transgressions.

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His mea culpa worked: Two months later, the two were happily hanging out as friends. But should Shana have forgiven Johnny for ghosting her? Or is it Johnny who perhaps shouldn't have absolved Shana for catfishing him? Better yet, do you think Johnny got what he deserved since he's the one who baited Andrew in the first place -- and was this all Catfish karma? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another episode Wednesday at 10/9c.