Catfish Lies: These Supposed Victims Conned Nev And Max

Catfish Lies These Supposed Victims Conned Nev

The usual Catfish recipe is as follows: A love hopeful with honest intentions contacts Nev and Max because they need to find answers about their suspicious cyber soulmate. But sometimes, the guy or gal initiating the digital detectives' help can misrepresent the facts and actually be exposed as a liar -- and that's exactly what transpired during tonight's episode featuring Vince and Miranda (who claimed to be Alyssa).

Let's examine the case: Vince claimed that Alyssa -- a woman he had romanced several years prior after meeting on Facebook -- had ruined his relationship with his very recent ex Liz. The 25-year-old explained that Alyssa would contact him incessantly after they had broken up and he was newly committed -- and she even sent some NSFW messages.

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But when the trio actually met face-to-face with the woman behind the Alyssa account, Miranda surprisingly had a different version of the events and revealed that Vince wasn't exactly innocent when it came to their communication while he was with Liz. Specifically, he acted flirtatious, said he would end things with Liz and made sexually explicit comments.

When Vince was discovered to be a phony, he immediately became defensive and withdrawn -- but the damage was done as far as his connections with Miranda and Liz. Still, he's hardly the first person to spew fraudulent facts to the hosts. Take a look at some other offenders below -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more Catfish updates!

  • Ramon

    When the Season 2 alum actually came face-to-face with Loyda (who was pretending to be Paola), she exclaimed that he had actually seen her multiple times on webcam. Ultimately, Ramon basically confessed that he knew his crush's identity all along.

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  • Whitney

    After some investigatory work on Facebook, the guys discovered that the fast food worker and her longtime love Bre had been video-chatting since 2011, and their nearly daily chats revealed that they were a real-life couple. Whitney confessed to her sins and admitted that neither of them could afford to travel to meet (Whitney was in New York, while Bre was in California). Ultimately, Nev and Max decided to let the two meet -- even though they had conned them into getting a free plane ticket.

  • Hundra

    The image above on the pretend victim sums up this unforgettable scenario: The Haitian native convinced two women to play along in a grand scheme to lure the MTV docu-series to 'help' her so that she could come out on national television.

  • Paris

    Not as great of an offense as the others, but the Chicagoan was once a catfish herself. It took Paris' former girlfriend Mary -- who actually turned out to tricking her ex as Tara -- to spill the beans to the guys and divulge that Paris wasn't exactly an angel.