A Catfish Pretended To Be Andrea Russett -- And Her Entire Network Of Family And Friends

Catfish Pretended Be Andrea Russett

Social media influencers are used to dealing with phony accounts -- and Andrea Russett is no exception to the rule. But when the YouTube sensation discovered someone created a bunch of fake Facebook profiles of her, her family members and some of her closest friends, she vented her frustrations in a video (of course) -- and her fans commented that she should get some help courtesy of Catfish .

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That's where Nev and Max entered the fray -- and during tonight's episode, the digital detectives assisted the 21-year-old gal who enjoys 'talking to cameras.' Of course, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the case. Why did this person target Andrea? What did they hope to achieve by pretending to be her?

'The fact that someone's logging in and out of each profile just to keep it looking real is alarming that they're that dedicated,' Andrea explained, while showing Nev and Max that her faux brother liked a post from her faux mother.

Next: The investigation. The trio opted to message ALL of the 'friends' associated with the fictitious Russett network. Fortunately, they got a great lead: Alex had a close relationship with Andrea and her entire clan -- and provided some phone numbers to help nail down the imposter(s).

Turns out, one Atlanta-based woman named Zoie was responsible for the entire ordeal. And when she met Nev, Max, Andrea and Alex, she explained her actions and apologized outright.

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'It was never anything personal. At the time, I was being really selfish -- that's the best excuse I can say,' she stated, while adding that she found Andrea by googling 'pretty Tumblr girls.'

Unfortunately, this type of incident is all too common in this day and age for folks who have a lot of followers in the digital space -- Andrea even stated it herself. But Zoie's manipulative idea to involve Andrea's loved ones took it to a whole other level and a need to stop this type of behavior. Zoie absolutely learned her lesson and admitted during the catch-up that she was done catfishing people and using Andrea (as well as those close to her) as her shield to effectively communicate with others.

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