Catfish Rebound: Is It Too Soon For Kailani To Be In Another Relationship?

Catfish Rebound Is It Too Soon

As Selena Gomez once sang, the heart wants what it wants . But does the heart sometimes want what it wants a little too soon?

That's the question we're asking after tonight's episode of Catfish , which featured a woman named Kailani. The 23-year-old was still healing from a recent divorce -- her husband of only six months had cheated on her -- when she was 'saved' by Sam. As Kailani recounted, the 19-year-old she met online gave her the comfort and support she needed, and the two soon fell in love. But fishy behavior emerged: Sam refused to meet Kailani in person and, when Nev and Max did a background check, they found the photos he'd sent belonged to a real-life cutie named Dom.

Kailani's reaction when told Sam wasn't the dude in the pics: 'I want to know who the hell I've been talking to this whole time.'

She soon found out: Sam unexpectedly showed up at Kailani's house and explained why he'd chosen to pose as the studly Dom.

'In high school, I got made fun of a lot because I have feminine features,' he said. 'So I wanted to know: If I was different, more manly looking and everything, would people accept me differently?'

But Sam's tale wasn't the whole truth and nothing but the truth: The very next day, he met with just Nev and Max to share his complete story.

'My name is Sam, but my birth name is Samantha,' he said. 'I'm going through the process to turn into a male... I created the profile to test waters. I wanted to know if that was something I really wanted -- to be a male. And then Kailani came around, and she made me feel accepted... I never really meant to hurt her.'

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But despite his intentions, Sam did hurt her -- as evidenced when he finally told her the whole truth.

'You lied -- just as much as my husband did,' Kailani said. 'We could have been friends. You should have just been yourself because I would have accepted you for you.'

Eventually, however, it seemed that Kailani did accept Sam.

'I'm not mad at you,' she told him after some moments of contemplation. 'I don't want you not in my life, but I need some space. But I do want you to be my friend.'

Two months later, however, there was no friendship to be found: When Nev and Max videochatted with Kailani, she revealed she hadn't stayed in contact with Sam. In fact, she already had a brand-new boyfriend and said she was happily moving forward.

But is it a little too soon for Kailani to be jumping back into the dating world? Do you think she should take some to heal from her broken marriage and the Catfish relationship with Sam? Tell us if you think Kailani is rebounding -- or if you believe she's right to pick up and move on -- and catch another episode on Wednesday at 8/7c.