'Catfish' Conundrum: What Do You Think Rod Really Wanted From Ebony?

Catfishconundrum What Do You Think Rod Really Wanted From Ebony

' Catfish ' has thrown us for a few loops, but boy...tonight was a doozer. If your head is spinning over the ballad of Rod and Ebony, join the club. Two Georgians who deceived each other online met face-to-face for the first time, and just when we thought we knew everything, a few new wrenches lodged themselves into the mix.

Ebony, a self-proclaimed male-to-female transgender lesbian, met Rod through an all-gay dating website. Rod, who identified as straight, said the site was a good way to meet women, and when Ebony first told him she was transgender, he was reluctant, but intrigued. When they finally met, Rod came clean about faking his name and photos, and Ebony revealed that she not only had a daughter, but she also wasn't transgender. They were happy to meet, but confused by all of the new information, and neither seemed entirely sure of what they wanted from each other.

When Max and Nev asked Rod if he was still interested in being with Ebony after meeting her, the catfish confessed that Ebony had supported him financially over the course of their four-year relationship, which is why he communicated with her for so long and was able to overlook her gender identity. Max insisted Rod's claim was a cop out, though, saying he thought Rod was having trouble sorting through his own sexual orientation, which would explain his disappointment that Ebony was always all woman. Ultimately, Rod and Ebony agreed to stay friends, but did not foresee a romantic future together.

+ If you can manage to sort through the story's many layers, tell us what you think Rod really wanted with Ebony. Did he want to find love, experiment with a man for the first time, get his debts paid or something else entirely? Share your theories!

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