'Catfish' Has Ladies Looking At Jarrod 'A Little Differently'

Catfishhas Ladies Looking Jarroda Little Differently

In his very small town in rural Georgia, Jarrod always finds himself in the 'friend zone' — you know, lots of friends who are girls, but no girlfriends. That is, until Facebook connected him with Abby, a cute blonde who accepts Jarrod for the single dad he is and always knows the right thing to text to lift his spirits after an especially hard day.

But is Abby exactly who she claims to be?

( Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the latest episode of 'Catfish' !)

Well, not exactly. On Monday's 'Catfish,' the 27-year-old took a road trip with Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to finally come face-to-face with his silicon soul mate, only to find out she's actually a girl named Melissa who looks nothing like Abby's profile pictures.

The worst part: Melissa said she created the fake profile to boost her own self-esteem, but she just ended up dragging Jarrod's even further down.

'Jarrod is, sadly, a firm believer in the 'nice guys finish last' motto and really lives his life by it,' Schulman told MTV News. 'As much as we tried to shake him up and say, 'Hey, man, you're a great guy! You should be finishing first,' he sort of strangely has this impression of himself as a loser, and it was sad.'

Especially when that self-image couldn't be further from the truth: Schulman and Joseph had a blast on their cross-country adventure with Jarrod, even if things didn't turn out as planned.

'We love Jarrod,' Joseph gushed. 'Jarrod is great. We had a whole road trip with him.'

'Oh my God, it was so much fun,' Schulman added.

'We had a blast with him,' Joseph said. 'Just three dudes, hanging out in a car for long periods of time. He was awesome.'

The 'Catfish' guys were really rooting for Jarrod, whose sincerity is impossible to miss in the episode, but for whatever reason, the divorced dad has been unlucky in love so far. That could all come to an end, however, now that ladies can see his emotional story unfold on national TV.

'He texted me the other day and said, all of a sudden, girls in his town are starting to look at him a little differently [now that] he's on this show,' Schulman said, smiling. 'So hopefully things are going to turn around.'

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