'Catfish' Victim Convinced She Was Dating Bow Wow, Who Is Now 'Flattered'

Catfishvictim Convinced She Was Dating Bow Wow

By Brittany Dandy

Emotions ran wild on Tuesday night's (October 8) ' Catfish ' episode as a heartbroken, 19-year-old Keyonnah, discovered that her online relationship with someone she believed to be her celebrity crush Bow Wow was a lie.

I would love to start a family with him and our 2 daughters.' Keyonnah told Nev during the episode.

Though Keyonnah was hoping for a love and hip-hop happy ending with rapper Bow Wow, she admits that she also questioned whether the online messages, texts and phone calls were actually from the rapper, but she was coaxed into believing when she received a money order for $10K from the Bow Wow impersonator.

Nev and Max, both skeptical of the likelihood of the real Bow Wow’s involvement from the jump, found themselves intrigued by the generous donation Keyonnah received and escorted her on the journey to Atlanta, where Dee Pimpin, a self-acclaimed female rap artist, was revealed as the Bow Wow imposter.

Dee claims to be a musician, and even shared some of her raps with 'Catfish .' She claims to bank thousands from her involvement in the music industry, which would explain the $10K except that she has almost no social presence or online record of her music.

Though it's still unclear where the money came from, Keyonnah used the cash for good. During the show she mentioned helping out her mother and grandmother with car expenses and mortgage payments. She was also able to cover daycare for her daughter.

The real Bow Wow responded to the 'Catfish' hype by saying, that the he is flattered at the failed effort to dupe his image but unfortunately he is one of a kind. In turn the rapper took the opportunity to invite both Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin to '106 and Park' to hash out their sides of the story.