Celebrate Aaron Paul's Bday With These Essential Bitch GIFs

Celebrate Aaron Pauls Bday With These Essential Bitch Gifs

We all know Aaron Paul is a master craftsman of sentences involving the word 'bitch' -- sometimes using only that word -- but what's really impressive is the way he has single-handedly transformed the term from being a diminutive insult into a straight-up compliment -- at least, when he says it.

The 'Breaking Bad' star has been keeping super busy since his days as a New Mexican junior drug czar came to a close two years ago, but whether he's racing cars or playing cops and robbers or journeying to galaxies far, far away in his post-meth career, he'll always be a more-than-basic-bitch-slinger to us.

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So, to celebrate Paul's 36th birthday today (Aug. 27), we compiled the essential collection of GIFs featuring him and his favorite word. Enjoy (... bitch).

  1. Here's Paul's famous jumpy bitch rendition.

    Happy Jesse is happy.

  2. And another key celebratory bitch move.

    Winning in the desert is still winning.

  3. And his very important 'this is my house' bitch.

    Fourth Amendment, suckas!

  4. He also whipped out this crotch-grab maneuver.

    It might rhyme and all, but he is curiously not a fan of the word 'snitch.'

  5. Here's Aaron Paul's bitch-with-a-plan moment.
  6. There's also this moment of in-yo-face-ness that was perfectly punctuated by his penchant for the b-word.

    When you put it like that...

  7. Here's the angry bitch ...

    Who doesn't make the bed, BTW, because he's way too mad.

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  8. ... And the RV-driving bitch.

    You know he's for serious when he has to clutch the wheel to properly enunciate.

  9. ... And the sad bitch.


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  10. ... And the the broken bitch.

    Even from the hospital bed he's batting 1000.

  11. Here's Aaron Paul's sales pitch bitch.

    PSA: He never actually tried to sell e-meth. This was for 'Saturday Night Live.'

  12. Here's Aaron Paul being a yay-sayer.

    You know you've made it when you're on the receiving end of this bitch.

  13. The 'this is starting to affect my real-life' anecdote...
  14. ... Followed appropriately by the 'but hey that's OK' note.
  15. And, last but not least, here's the sweet bitch.

    We love you too, AP. Happy birthday, bitch!