Chace Crawford's 'Glee' Character Biff McIntosh Is So 'Obnoxious': Watch A Sneak Peek

Chace Crawfords Gleecharacter Biff Mcintosh Is Soobnoxious

'Glee' and 'Gossip Girl' are hooking up!

In the much-anticipated 100th episode of 'Glee,' which airs Tuesday, Gleeks will not only witness the reunion of some former castmates, but will be treated to a familiar face: former 'Gossip Girl' star Chace Crawford.

Check Out This Exclusive 'Glee' Sneak Peek On E!

In a behind-the-scenes teaser released Monday (March 17) for the upcoming episode, Chace introduces us to his character, Biff McIntosh, the preppy, snobby boyfriend of former head Cheerio, Quinn (Dianna Agron).

'I play her douchey boyfriend from the Northeast, so it's more of a character. It was a good time. [I did] four or five scenes; we had a blast,' Crawford recently told MTV News.

Quinn brings Biff, who she met at Yale, home to her former stomping grounds at William McKinley High School, and let's just say he didn't make a great first impression.

'I haven't spent that much time around them, but poor people are generally less attractive than rich ones,' Biff says in a scene from the episode.

Biff, who Chase describes as 'quite obnoxious' and 'a jerk,' is in fact, in for a rude awakening, since Quinn conveniently forgot to mention her somewhat-erratic past.

'He knows nothing about her real life,' Agron said. 'And she's kind of sugarcoated everything.'

So, what kind of skeletons come out of Quinn's closet? Well, after Biff, who Crawford revealed will not be participating in any songs during the episode, asks Santana to describe Quinn in one sentence, she decides to throw Quinn under the bus and divulge on her not-so-proudest moments.

'She died her hair pink, she got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo and lit a purple piano on fire,' Santana reveals.

It seems like things are going to get really interesting!

The two-part 100th episode of 'Glee' begins Tuesday at 8 p.m.