Challenge Treason: Should Laurel And Josh Have Betrayed Wes?

Challenge Treason Should Laurel

Team U.S.'s pact to not vote any of their own into the Proving Ground was short-lived: During tonight's War of the Worlds 2 episode, Wes became the first competitor to be betrayed by his fellow Yanks -- and the first from his team to head back to the States. Not so great firsts.

So how did Wes' game end so abruptly -- and at the hands of his teammates?

It all began when Wes, Ashley , Tribunal members Zach and Speaker Josh discussed the upcoming Tribunal nominee, and things quickly got testy between the Big Brother winner and the two-time Challenge champ. Josh took issue with Wes trying to influence the looming vote and demanding to know who would be facing off against Bear (Team U.K.'s nominee).

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'I know what I'm going to do by my team, but don't think that you're going to control me or try to intimidate me with your logic, because it's not going to work on me,' Josh demanded after Wes insisted Theo would be the best option.

Josh opted to remove himself from the conversation, but things only escalated -- courtesy of Laurel .

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'When you left the room, [Wes] said, 'I don't care about Josh -- we'll kick him out,'' Laurel told Josh (she pretended to be asleep in the room while Wes continued to chat about Josh's behavior. And yes, Wes said it.).

Unfortunately for the War of the Worlds bronze medalist, this comment cost him greatly. Josh and Laurel blindsided Wes and threw him to the bears wolves (Zach opted for Theo) in the third elimination round. Wes was shocked -- and peeved.

'You broke my trust, and you broke my loyalty,' Josh shouted at Wes as the latter made his way to fight for his spot in the game.

The 2-1 tally generated mixed reactions: Bananas clapped thunderously, while Paulie was seething.

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'You just threw down one of our best players over some emotional bullsh*t, and I can't help but feel completely and utterly betrayed by him,' Paulie stated in an interview.

Ultimately, Bear beat Wes in 'Firing Squad,' and Wes departed feeling 'embarrassed and sad.'

There are traitors on Team U.S. -- so do you agree with the power move? Was Wes' scheming detrimental to the dynamics, or is this a big loss on the playing field? Sound off with your comments, and do not miss War of the Worlds 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c.