'Challenge' Confessions: Cara Maria Reveals What Really Happened With Thomas


Did they or didn't they?

That was the question running through most people's minds after catching last night's episode of ' The Challenge ' and watching Cara Maria and Thomas flirt (and potentially take their friendship to another level). In an effort to clarify what exactly occurred on the long-running series, the 'Fresh Meat 2' alum set the record straight about what unfolded during that bus ride in Turkey -- and she held absolutely nothing back in her explanation accompanying the Instagram snapshot below (featuring the Bostonian holding her ball python, who recently passed away).

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'Tom and I made out only twice, and it all happened in one very drunken day off,' the 'Bloodlines' athlete wrote. 'Despite whatever was happening w my relationship at the time...I was still in a relationship. I made a bad decision. Please learn from my choice, and never do this to someone u love.'

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Jamie 's cousin continued her honest statement by expressing her regret and addressing anyone who was affected by the situation -- including her longtime love Abram (who she met on 'Cutthroat') as well as Tom's significant other. 'This is not the girl I was raised to be. We all make mistakes. Mine just happen to be on TV,' she explained.

The Bostonian went on to address her 'Battle of the Exes' partner and express her deep remorse.

'My heart is yours,' she stated. 'No matter what we do or what we say to each other, I always find peace in your arms. I could never apologize enough. I love you. I am truly so sorry. I only want you. I cannot change the past. I can only hope to have the chance to make a better future.'

While Abram and Thomas have not addressed the situation on social media, Cara Maria also took to Twitter to make a few more additional points:

https://twitter.com/CaraMariaMTV/status/674837313441038336 https://twitter.com/CaraMariaMTV/status/674837710746468352

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