Chance The Rapper Will Contribute To Steven Universe The Movie In A Major Way

Chance Rapper Will Contribute Steven Universe Movie Major Way

By Lauren Rearick

The fate of Steven Universe and the residents of Beach City lies in the hands of Chance the Rapper . The Chicago-based artist announced his most surprising collaboration yet when he confirmed that he’s a co-executive producer of Steven Universe The Movie .

After months of cryptic teasers regarding the movie, which will air this fall, Cartoon Network finally provided some concrete details on the upcoming adaptation of the beloved television series. The network officially confirmed the movie will be a musical, with Chance the Rapper working alongside the cartoon’s creator, Rebecca Sugar, to make it all happen, Deadline reported.

Along with serving as a co-executive producer, Chance will contribute a song to the movie’s soundtrack, which also boasts original music by Estelle, Aimee Man, Gallant, and more. Estelle, Patti LuPone, Uzo Aduba, and more artists will lend vocals to the soundtrack. As for the film itself, Deadline notes that it will center on Steven Universe and his quest to defend his hometown of Beach City from an unexpected danger.

Chance, who is preparing for the release of a new album in July, celebrated the good news on Twitter , writing, A couple years ago I met with the amazing @rebeccasugar and got thw [sic] opportunity of a LIFETIME. I’m so proud to announce I’m co- exec producer of ... STEVEN UNIVERSE: THE MoVIE. He’s joined by co-executive producers Kat Morris, Joe Johnston, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, and Ian Jones-Quartey.

This isn’t the first time Chance the Rapper has expressed adoration for an animated series. Back in 2014, he covered the theme song from the television series Arthur . His take on the classic became a staple of his live routines, and he even joined Ziggy Marley, the song’s original singer, for a performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert .

In recent years, Steven Universe has garnered frequent praise from fans and critics for its willingness to depict LGBTQ+ relationships. Last year, the Cartoon Network series made history, becoming the first animated television series to showcase a same-sex wedding proposal .