Chance The Rapper's First Two Mixtapes Have Officially Hit Streaming Services

Chance Rappers First Two Mixtapes Have Officially Hit Streaming Services

Chance The Rapper has been around for quite some time, in different incarnations that you may or may not be aware of. His first project ever was 10 Day , which came out in 2012, followed by Acid Rap the next year. In the years after, he'd become a portentous figure in modern rap, with singles like 'No Problems' with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz and his 2016 mixtape Coloring Book elevating his stature considerably. Now, he's a household name that's well established. But 10 Day and Acid Rap remain locked away in a dark dungeon since they weren't included on Apple Music, TIDAL, and Spotify. Now, that's changed. Both 10 Day and Acid Rap are now available on all major streaming services. They're also coming on vinyl this fall. Additionally, Chance has opened up preorders for his forthcoming debut studio album on his website . The prelude for the next chapter has arrived in explosive fashion.

10 Day 's first draft was, according to Rolling Stone , recorded during Chance's suspension from William Jones College Preparatory High School for marijuana possession. It was a glimpse of what he could do, a sampling plate of the charisma and eccentric touches he would apply to his music later. A year later, Chance christened 2013 with one of its most creative rap releases in Acid Rap , a psychedelic genre trek that threw elements of gospel, reggae, and soul into a blender. The mixtape featured early highlights from artists that would later go on to become heavyweights in their own rights such as Childish Gambino , Vic Mensa , and Noname . Both projects help to build Chance's exposition, so they're essential releases that are finally widely available in the digital age.

The ability to preorder Chance's album now indicates that it should be arriving very soon. Earlier this year, he — and his manager Pat Corcoran — revealed on Twitter and then Instagram that he'd be dropping a new project in July. In May, he released the flippant dance tune ' Groceries ' with Tisakorean. Last year, all the signs pointed to Chance's season coming soon: He released a few songs to hold over fans who were waiting ('The Man Who Has Everything,' 'My Own Thing,' and 'Work Out') and Kanye West told reporters that he was in Chicago working on Chance's album.

Revisit Chance's past and discover his early gems in both 10 Day and Acid Rap up above.