Channing Tatum's 'Let It Go' Lip Sync Impressed The OG Ice Queen

Channing Tatums Let It Golip Sync Impressed Og Ice Queen

If you haven't seen the power, the glory, the human snowflake backup dancer-laden magnificence that is Channing Tatum absolutely crushing it as ' Frozen ' lead Elsa on Spike's 'Lip Sync Battle,' kindly turn your attention here and prepare to grin like a maniac. It's all good, we'll wait.


Right? RIGHT?? And that's nothing compared to his rendition of 'Run the World (Girls),' which included a surprise appearance by Queen Bey herself. Battle competitor and IRL wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum put in a valiant effort with a 'Magic Mike' homage , but clearly she didn't stand a chance.

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Especially when you consider that even the real-life Elsa was blown away by Channing's take. Before the Jan. 7 airing of the Tatum vs. Tatum showdown, Idina Menzel tweeted about his highly-anticipated performance:

To which he responded:

But that nervous face emoji proved unnecessary once Menzel shared her rave review:

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Does that make Channing an honorary ice princess, complete with customized tiara and cape? Please make this happen, Idina.