Charlie Puth Really, Really Regrets Cheating In His New Song 'How Long'

Charlie Puth Really Really Regrets Cheating His New Songhow Long

In 'How Long,' Charlie Puth owns up to his mistakes. His brutually honest new song — the second single off his forthcoming sophomore album, VoiceNotes , due out January 19 — is a breakup waiting to happen. According to the lyrics, his girl just found out he cheated on her, and she's understandably devastated.

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'I was drunk, I was gone,' he offers as an explanation in the first verse. 'That don't make it right / But promise there were no feelings involved.'

But his girl needs more answers than that. How long has he been lying to her? And how long has he been 'creeping' behind her back? The chorus alludes to all of these questions, and Puth insists it was a one-time thing, but their relationship remains broken.

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