Charlie Puth’s New ‘Suffer’ Vid Is The Sexiest Home Movie You Never Wanted To See

Charlie Puth S New Suffer Vid Is Sexiest Home Movie You Never Wanted See

Remember when Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor made out in front of everyone at the American Music Awards last year, and the general public consensus was that no pair of eyeballs ever needed to see that?

diga alto e tem música tocando

Get ready for that same feeling, only 100 times more intense.

Thus far, Puth has endeared himself to the world by penning a tribute to a beloved late actor and bringing his mom to the Grammys , neither of which are things that scream sex symbol. But that’s all about to change (maybe), thanks to Puth’s new music video/pseudo-sex tape.

The track in question is Suffer, a sultry ballad off Puth’s debut album Nine Track Mind , that got remixed with a harder-hitting beat from AndreaLo and a new verse from Vince Staples (choice line: Staring at me from your knees/ Birds and the fucking bees).

We begin by setting the scene: It’s nighttime at a hillside home, presumably in Los Angeles. A flannel-shirted girl walks into the room where Charlie’s chillin’ on the couch. He turns his video camera on. Clothes come off. Saliva is swapped. Skin is spanked. You’ve never seen Puth like this before.

zenon: garota do século 21

The rest of the video chronicles the couple’s erotic excursion from couch, to piano, to bed, to shower, back to bed, as they film what I can only assume is their submission for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey sequel’s soundtrack. (Speaking of which, Charlie is totally the submissive one in this relationship, in case you wanted to know).

It’s a lot to take in. You’ll probably be left feeling like so:

Ready to watch? You sure ? Here you go...

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