Charlie Sheen Settles $100 Million 'Two And A Half Men' Suit

Charlie Sheen Settles 100 Milliontwo

Finally, something Charlie Sheen really is winning. The actor got some good news on Monday when he settled a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. over his firing in March from the hit show 'Two and a Half Men.'

According to TMZ , a rep for Warner released a statement announcing, 'Warner Bros. Television, ['Men' producer/creator] Chuck Lorre, and Charlie Sheen have resolved their dispute to the parties' mutual satisfaction.'

While the studio did not disclose the terms of the settlement, TMZ claimed that it is $25 million, which Sheen, 46, will reportedly get very soon and which will mostly cover work he'd already done and profits he'd previously earned from the hit sitcom. An unnamed source added that Sheen is expected to reap an additional $100 million in profits from syndication of the show over the next seven years thanks to his eight years of service on the #1 comedy on TV. As part of the settlement, both sides have agreed to drop their lawsuits against each other.

Sheen's next project, a sitcom titled 'Anger Management,' is currently being shopped around to potential buyers. After a run of bizarre behavior earlier this year, Sheen has been relatively sedate as of late, sitting politely as a series of comedians skewered him at a recent Comedy Central roast and offering some kind words to Ashton Kutcher , who replaced him on 'Men' when the series returned on September 19.

Forbes speculated that given his ownership stake in the 'Anger' show — based on the Adam Sandler movie of the same name — Sheen could make even more money than he did on 'Men,' which for a period made him the highest-paid sitcom actor on TV at nearly $2 million per episode when syndication monies were factored in.