Check Out James Dashner's 'The Eye of the Minds' Trailer And Excerpt [EXCLUSIVE]

Check Out James Dashners Eye Mindstrailer

On October 8, writer James Dashner and Random House kick off the first book in the author's 'Mortality Doctrine' series, ' The Eye of the Minds ' and we've got an exclusive first look!

Watch: The Eye Of Minds Teaser

'The Eye of the Minds' is:

Michael is the ultimate gamer, who enjoys visiting the Virt Net, meeting up with his friends, and living the fantasy life that reality can’t offer. But when a deadly cyberterrorist strikes the Virt Net, killing people in the game that causes them to go brain-dead in real life, he finds himself at the center of the government’s plan to catch the criminal. The government needs a hacker as good as Michael to get the job done. But can he survive the darkest, most dangerous corners of the Virt Net?

James Dashner is the bestselling author of THE MAZE RUNNER series, which has 2.3 million copies in print, and is set to hit movie screens in February. He would gladly write you guys an original essay or anything else you might want or need in your support of THE EYE OF MINDS.

Random House teamed up with DC Comics to have artist John Van Fleet create an original illustration of the cover of 'The Eye of the Minds.' Dashner and the Van Fleet will be signing a limited number of prints of this very cool poster at the DC Comics booth on Friday, July 19.

Read the excerpt below. 'The Eye of the Minds' is on sale October 8, 2013.