Check Out This Amazing Rainbow 'Gaystation' PS4 Mod To Support LGBT Charity

Check Out This Amazing Rainbowgaystationps4 Mod Support Lgbt Charity

Let's start with the bad news: it is, alas, too late for you to place a bid to become the proud owner of this beautiful rainbow PS4, affectionately dubbed the 'Gaystation.'

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The good news is, whoever does own it raised a whopping 28,300 Swedish kroner (or just over ,100 USD) for charity, so they totally deserve it.

According to Kotaku , the console was auctioned off by Swedish retailer Webhallen during the country's Pride Week. Proceeds from the auction went to RFSL, a charity dedicated to supporting the LGBT community. And if you love the looks of the Gaystation and desperately want to own one, there's still hope; considering how many people anted up for a chance to play the rainbow, it's not inconceivable that someone might someday start mass-producing these colorful babies for consumption by the general public.