Chris Brown’s Car Breaks Down On The Way To Coachella In ‘Five More Hours’ Video

Chris Brown S Car Breaks Down Way Coachella Five More Hours Video

Earlier this month, Chris Brown joined a long list of surprise guests at Coachella when he crashed DJ Deorro ’s set to perform their new single Five More Hours. Toting a bottle of champagne and rocking a loud printed ensemble, Brown worked the crowd effortlessly and energetically (banned selfie sticks be damned).

But judging by the pair’s new music video for the catchy AF electro-house anthem, the road to Indio wasn’t all that smooth. At least, that’s the scenario imagined in the clip, which dropped Thursday (April 30).

The vid kicks off with Breezy and Travi$ Scott all revved up, cruising down a deserted desert highway and woo-ing into the wind, when — womp, womp — their slick-looking car breaks down. For some unthinkable reason, neither of them have their phones with them and Scott refuses to walk the remaining 20 minutes (he must be spending a lot of time in L.A., where that sort of thing is frowned upon).

Just when all hope is lost, alas! — a charter bus appears in the distance! And because life is sometimes THE BEST, the Deorro-driven bus is conveniently filled with bikini-clad, flower crown-wearing, bubble-blowing girls who are ready to effin’ party.

Anyway, you can guess where the clip goes from there — they dance, they drink, and they make it to Coachella just in time for Brown and Deorro to kill it on stage. Brown also breaks out some of his best choreography to date (WHILE rocking a Grateful Dead t-shirt, thankyouverymuch). And they lived happily ever after in tie-dyed, sun-soaked bliss.

The end.