Chris Hardwick Roasts His Appearance On His 'Boy Meets World' Episode

Chris Hardwick Roasts His Appearance Hisboy Meets Worldepisode

The pivotal coming-of-age TV series ' Boy Meets World ' is known for several things, including the love Cory ( Ben Savage ) and Topanga ( Danielle Fishel ) had for each other, Eric's ( Will Friedle ) hilarious shenanigans and Chris Hardwick . OK, wait. That last one, not so much. But, Hardwick did guest-star on the hit '90s show as himself, and it was a glorious episode indeed.

The Season 4 episode ' Singled Out ' consisted of two main plots. 1. Cory stresses about getting his tonsils out, and 2. Eric goes on a dating game show. Cue MTV's own show ' Singled Out ,' which had a crossover with 'Boy Meets World.'

L-R: Will Friedle, Jason Marsden, Chris Hardwick

The ' Talking Dead ' host shared this pic on Saturday (Jan. 2), reminiscing about his time on set while simultaneously roasting his hair and clothing in true Hardwick fashion.

'The hair drapes I can explain: the 90s. The 'I just murdered a hobo clown behind Circus Circus and took his pants' I have no f--king excuse for,' admitted Hardwick. TBH, I never even noticed his 'hobo clown' pants until just now, and I've seen that episode more times than I'd like to admit.

Hardwick also said, 'It's always fun when this classic piece of television airs and I get a million tweets like 'hey what are you doing on 'Boy Meets World''??? This was the 'Singled Out' crossover episode (with an oddly absent Jenny McCarthy who was way more identifiable with our show than I), one of the main premises being that Will Friedle and I look similar in that white guy sorta way. I tagged myself so you'd know which white guy is me.' Much appreciated, Chris.

During the episode, Eric found himself in the hot seat, hoping to score a date with a hot coed competing for his love. Of course, Eric lied about his educational background, saying he was attending Harvard and had a GPA of 7.0. Um, OK.

Hardwick ends up semi-sabotaging Eric's chances by tricking him into ditching the 'naughty' and 'beer stein' girls. Plus, Eric and Hardwick have this special moment.


At the climax of the game show segment, Eric ends up with a cute Columbia University girl named Lisa (Bridget Flanery), who prefers waking up to a steaming hot cup of cocoa for two, instead of a steaming hot shower. Later in the episode, the two go to Chubbie's (aka the local hot spot for the 'BMW' gang).

Moments into their date, Lisa confesses she doesn't go to Columbia; she lied so she could try and win 'Singled Out' and date a college guy, 'because it would make [her] feel better about [herself].' Of course, this prompts Eric to confess he doesn't go to Harvard, and then they both have a good laugh about the whole thing.


Although this episode first aired 20 years ago (omg) this November, we'll still remember Hardwick's '90s middle part like it was only yesterday.