Chris Hemsworth's 23 Sexiest Thor Moments

Chris Hemsworths 23 Sexiest Thor Moments

Perhaps you've heard by now that Chris Hemsworth is People 's Sexiest Man Alive . Pretty funny timing, because Thor just won Asgardian People 's Sexiest Asgardian Alive, too!

Not that it comes as a shock, of course. All due respect to Loki's army, but not even the mischief-maker can hold a hammer up to Thor's godliness.

Lo and behold, 23 sexy Thor scenes, as proof of the Thunder God's sexy merits:

1. Let's start with Thor shirtless in Asgard.

Sure, why not?

2. Let's continue with Thor shirtless in the desert.

Who needs a shirt? Not Thor.

3. How about Thor trying on new pants?

Note that he is not wearing a shirt.

4. Here's Thor making out with Jane Foster.

With a shirt on, but still hot.

5. Here's Thor making out with Jane Foster again.

Still hot.

6. And here's Thor making out with a window.

Because Thor making out with anything is pretty hot.

7. Witness Thor with a cape in his face.


8. Witness Thor with a boot in his face.

Point being, Thor with anything in his face is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

9. Now, let's talk about that hammer.

é para isso que você veio Taylor Swift

Yes. Grab that hammer.

10. Let's talk about Thor twirling that hammer.

Yes. Go on.

11. Let's talk about Thor getting ready to use that hammer.

Go on…

12. Let's talk about Thor using that hammer.

Stop. Need a minute.

13. Let's talk about Thor using that hammer again .


14. OK, sorry! Sorry. Here, how about a drink?

Mm. Refreshing.

15. How about a laugh?


16. How about a sad?


17. How about a mad ?


18. How about a dance?

Get it, Thor!

19. How about some happy bro time?

Bros will be bros.

20. How about some brooding bro time?

Broody bros will be broody.

21. How about some 'come hither' bros?

Hither we come.

22. Because even when Thor calls us petty…

nick jonas e nicki minaj

(… especially when he calls us petty…)

23. …he's the sexiest Asgard in town.