Chris And Shanley Understand Why They Weren't An 'Are You The One?' Match [Video]

Chris Shanley Understand Why They Werent Anare You One


Shanley was willing to go to war with her fellow ' Are You the One? ' contestants to prove her connection with Chris was real, so you might be surprised to hear that the house's most notorious non-couple completely agree with the Truth Booth's assessment that they are not technically meant for each other. Still, their chemistry has always been undeniable, they say in the exclusive interview clip below, and it might just be enough to defy the laws of science.

Shanley explains that she and Chris first bonded through seemingly trivial connections like a shared love of cats, but more and more time spent together eventually led to something truly intense. Still, the two understand why they're not a sure thing on paper. 'We bicker all the time,' Chris admits. 'Last night, we were going at it until three in the morning.' Not that regular fighting is a dealbreaker for the duo...

'Even through all that sh**, where nine times out of ten I would have just walked out on somebody, and never came back, it's like, I still come back,' Chris confesses. 'I do love this girl.'

Watch the video for more from Chranley on their enduring attraction, and don't miss them rehashing the entire 'Are You the One?' season on Tuesday night's reunion special.